Are you tired of looking like a basic millennial? Want to elevate your style and exude confidence and sophistication like a true vintage sexgod? 

We did for this for Johnson, a successful entrepreneur who was stuck in a rut of skinny jeans and ill-fitting tees. Before I fixed him he was addicted to looking like a fuckboy. Everywhere we went he would preach the gospel of his H&M wardrobe, claiming the girls loved it. He was wrong. After a weekend in New York, I told him I would dress him in the ultimate vintage outfit. To his surprise, we was breaking necks of females left and right. Ever since that day, Johnson thanks me profusely for changing his life and turning him into a vintage sexgod.

Before: Johnson was a fashion disaster, his wardrobe consisted of skinny jeans and ill-fitting tees, he was dressed like a typical cringy millennial fuckboy lacking any sense of style and not exuding the level of confidence and sophistication that matched his success as an entrepreneur. He dressed like he was going up for an audition for show named, "How to Get No Bitches 101." 

After: With my help, Johnson learned how to rock a well-fitting single stitch tee, paired with straight-leg Levi's that fit his leg shape perfectly, and now he's turning heads everywhere he goes. He has learned the value of feeling comfortable in his clothes, and now he is the epitome of a vintage sexgod, with the perfect amount of sauce and elegance. He's impressing not only his clients but also his grandma, who now wants to borrow his clothes. Husbands fear him; they are constantly trembling at the idea that he could take their wife at any second, based purely on his looks that could kill. 

At Tired Laundry, we specialize in vintage men's fashion, from 1930s varsity jackets to 1990s carpenter pants. We'll work with you to create a unique look that showcases your personality and makes you feel confident and respected.

Stop wearing your bland, generic wardrobe that makes you look like you haven't gone shopping since 2010. Let us help you embrace the timeless minimalism of vintage fashion, and become the iconic heartthrob you have always wanted to be. Click the link to schedule your consultation, and let's make you the best-dressed person in the room, everywhere you go.

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